The best of South African food and wine

If you are searching for the very best in wine and food, which can be enjoyed amongst one of the most panoramic settings in the world, then you need to visit the Republic of South Africa.

South Africa is recognized for its exceptional wine and food. The Republic allow visitors to experience the best life can offer at a reasonable price at an awesome location. Here you are able to try out superb foods that are coupled with some splendid and acclaimed wines.

You will discover a massive range of impressive dining establishments and bistros in our major cities and towns that focus on everything from Indian-Italian-Chinese and Thai foods, whatever the heart desires.

But before you decide to play it safe you will certainly be missing out on exceptional food, if you do not attempt home grown recipes. And when we say home-grown food we are talking about traditional barbecue or braai for our Afrikaans readers or a Cape-Malay curry that will make you heart sing in delight, a huge plate of prawns in peri-peri sauce, and maybe a big table of Afrikaner speciality foods such as biltong, boerewors and milk tart.

While visiting South Africa you will discover a couple of township bistros serving up traditional SA food like Nyama or chakalaka as well as home-brewed draft beer. African dining establishments are extremely well-liked, where song, fine African art and face painting mix well with the friendly ambiance.

While you are visiting SA make certain you check out the country’s beautiful scenery. You can try out some of the best cuisine money can buy while placing your feet in the sand or caverns and caves overlooking the sea, in the moonlight deep in the African bush, at the edge of a high cliff or enjoying food on a deluxe yacht Рthe choices are as limitless as your creative imagination.

When it pertains to great wines, look no further than the famous Capetonian Wine-lands. Follow the famous wine-paths in Franschhoek, Stellenbosch and Paarl and you can purchase magnificent bottles of local Merlot, Pinotage, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, which you can take home.

So what will I be eating?

Whatever you do you need to sample normal South African cuisine like bobotie, braaivleis, biltong, boerewors as well as chisa-nyama. Several of the wine estates on the wine route boast some of the most acclaimed dining establishments where you are able to try out first-rate regional cuisine, or book yourself a picnic for family and friends. There are many local celebrations like the Grape foot stomping or wine and cheese festivals which attract people from all over the country. If you need an adventure you may want to try out a hot air balloon ride and maybe a carriage and steed ride.

Wine and also food highlights

Whatever you do, you need to put this on your South African-to-do list.

  • Have a great traditional South African braai.
  • Enjoy some Cape Malayan cuisine.
  • Try out African Chisa-nyama in the township.
  • Take a gourmet tour of the Winelands.
  • Do try out some traditional meals like Biltong or droewors.
  • Go for a wine tasting in the town of Stellenbosch.

The Niagara Wine Festival

Holidays in Niagara, Ontario most often bring to mind images of serene, breathtaking views of Niagara Falls. However, there’s much more to the area than this as the plethora of year-round activities on offer in the Niagara region proves. As well as a variety of natural wildlife and marine life to see, Niagara also offers visitors thrilling nightlife, an active theatrical scene and a number of historical and sporting attractions.

Among the most popular annual festivals held in Niagara Falls is the Niagara Wine Festival. Held every year in September, the Niagara Wine Festival hosts more than 100 events, including winery tours and wine tastings, as well as concerts, artisan exhibits, wine seminars and the opportunity to sample local Niagara cuisine. What’s more, attendants of the 56th Niagara Wine Festival in September 2007 will be able to witness one of the largest street parades in Canada – The Grande Parade.

One of North America’s most celebrated wine festivals, the Niagara Wine Festival began in 1952 and today hosts two spin-off festivals from the original: the Niagara Icewine Festival, held each January, and the Niagara New Vintage Festival, which occurs annually in June. Moreover, the festival has twice been named Ontario’s Cultural Event of the year and has been hailed as one of the Top 100 Events in North America by the American Bar Association (ABA), so is a permanent fixture on the calendars of wine lovers across the continent.

The main celebrations of the Niagara Wine Festival take place in Montebello Park in St Catharine’s. Here, Niagara Wine Festival attendees can enjoy the finest wines, indulge in the well-known regional food and take delight in the festival’s opportunities for merry-making and revelry that are virtually unparalleled anywhere in Canada in the Fall. If you’re planning to visit the Niagara Wine Festival this year, you’ll be able to keep up to date on the festival’s website, which offers videos and podcasts for download.

Last year, the Niagara Wine Festival attracted over 500, 000 visitors – so booking your hotel in Niagara early is essential if you’re counting on having a comfortable place to stay. In fact, the Grande Parade in itself is expected to attract around 150, 000 visitors this year, so even if you’re only planning to attend this main event, booking ahead is crucial.

And if you’re driving to Niagara from the United States, new regulations mean that you won’t have to show your passport when you cross the border into Canada or when you return to the USA, although visitors travelling by air will still be required to carry these documents. Getting to Canada has never been easier – so there’s really no reason not to visit the Niagara Wine Festival this year.

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